The Bundjalung Nation  

The first inhabitants of Currawinya were of course the
Bundjalung Nation.  They lived along the East coast of Australia,  from southern Queensland to the mid-Coast of  NSW.  Their territory extended inland and included the New England Ranges.  They lived around this region for 6000 years or more. 

Within the Bundjalung Nation there are many different languages.  Within each language area there were many distinct clans.  The Bundjalung Nation dialects include:  Yugumbir, Nganduwal, Minjangbal, Njangbal, Biriin, Baryulgil, Wahlubal, Dinggabal, Gidabal, Galibal, Wudjeebal, Thungutti, Aragwal, Banbai, Birbai, Gumbainggeri, Jigara, Jugambal, Jugumbir, Jungai,  Ngacu, and Ngamba. 

Unfortunately the Bungalung people were driven off the land by European settlers and many now live in segregated government supplied settlements.  They are not happy and have not accepted being dispossessed of their country and feel a great sadness and understandable resentment at the loss of the sacred areas and the disintegration of their culture.  There are many among the Bungalung who are working to maintain their culture and succeeding in many areas to resurrect their heritage.   They are still discriminated against and suffer the torments of endemic racism.


The Bundjalung clans that lived around the upper Clarence and The Cataract were: Wahlubal,  Jabilum, Gidabal, and Baryulgil.

  Artwork and Stories by Artists of the Dunghutti Clan.
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The Moon and The Rainbow










Rainbow  Serpent



       These bark paintings and stories are part of a collection of commissioned works painted in 1980 by modern artists of the Dunghutti Clan.

Bundjalung families turtle diving at Eaglehawk 1978


Some books and videos of the problems faced by the Bundjalung in the Northern Rivers

The Great Forgetting - Geoff  Page



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